Joseph E. Murphy is more than a dedicated attorney practicing in the field of compliance and ethics around the globe.

A renowned expert in his field, Joe is an established author and lecturer who travels the world helping compliance and ethics professionals steer their companies and other organizations along the straight and narrow path.

Practicing for  40 years in the field of organizational compliance, Joe has covered issues ranging from fighting corruption, to preventing cartels, to convincing governments themselves to apply their own rules and police their own misconduct diligently. Joe can travel throughout the world and be welcomed on a first name basis among the champions of compliance everywhere.

Joe has advised governments, top companies around the world, non-governmental organizations and prestigious universities about the nuances of implementing an effective compliance and ethics program. Compliance techniques that he wrote about as early as the 1980s are now accepted best practices.

Joe is an international proponent of the compliance field, one of the few careers left where, as he puts it, “you can do well and do good at the same time.”

Please check out this site and don’t hesitate to reach out to Joe for your compliance questions.